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Monday, August 31, 2009

The NEW 2010 BADGER CATALOG is here!

Download the new Badger Paddles Retail Catalog for 2010 in PDF format here.

Full of colourful pictures and information at a glance, this (2 MB) catalog is a great representation of Badger Paddles for this season and next. Some highlights include Cub Water Colours, featured web promotions, our unique hand-rubbed varnished blades and paddle refinishing.

You may print it if you wish but it is best viewed electronically. Download the Badger Paddles Retail Catalog 2010 here: (web address:

If you are having trouble downloading from the site, please email us at and we will send you a copy.

And.... if you dig our catalog - be sure to share it with all of your paddling friends!

Thanks everyone for a great season... see you on the water!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A "Premier" Custom Badger Paddle Order

This past summer, Badger Paddles had the opportunity to work personally with the Premier of Ontario, Mr. Dalton McGuinty.

This custom ordered paddle (see top photo) was a special gift to be signed by the Premier before returning to Badger for finishing. The end result was really spectacular and the lucky recipient of this paddle now has a true collector's item.

But the story doesn't end there...

Just this past week, we were surprised to find a personal letter in our mail box from the desk of the Premier reading:

Dear Mike,
Thanks so much for all your help with the paddle you produced so quickly for me. It is gorgeous.
The guy I gave it to loves it. Which is all that counts.
Very Best Wishes,

We, at Badger Paddles, were honored by this opportunity and recognition and are truly pleased to find the intended recipient was happy with the result. We really dug the project too!

Thanks to all the staff at the Premier's office that were so helpful in making this project happen so smoothly and on such a short time-line, as well as Ms. T. Sobers and Mr. McGuinty - himself - of course!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Paddling for kids just got more fun!!!

Badger Paddles loves to get kids (and cubs) excited about paddling and the outdoors ... That is why we now offer our cub paddles in different COLOURS!


Our cub colour stains are water-based, non-toxic and fun!

Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Turquoise and other variations available. Each colour and paddle will vary due the properties of stain and the natural variations in wood. Just like kids - No two alike!

Kids ‘n Cubs have a long reach to the water from a canoe so our paddle sizes come in 46” and 48” lengths for a more comfortable and positive paddling experience.

Our cub blades are approx.5” at the widest point and 22” from the end of the blade to it’s neck.

Our Cub Paddles and Cub Water Colours are Varnished. Note: Oiled is available in “Natural” only.

For more information about Badger Paddles, please visit our website at: Kids n' Cubs Water Colours

First Official Badger's Blog Post

Hello fellow paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts and welcome to the new Badger Paddles' Blog!

Be sure to stay up to date with new products, special offers, and just general Badger news.

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