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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil - NEW for 2011

As popular as varnish is, there is still a very large following of paddlers who prefer to oil their paddles.  Many like the idea of the oil penetrating deep into the wood, other's like the way it feels in their hand when in use and even report less blistering and that slippery feeling (that varnish has when wet) is greatly reduced.  While the oil maintenance issue is described by some as being easier - others find varnish to be less demanding of their time.  Badger believes in the superior qualities of an oil finish but still offer both oil and varnish finishes to our customers.

About Badger Oil:
Badger Paddles uses their own Oil Recipe, passed down from Great Grampa Sydney Badger.  Badger's standard oil is a mixture that contains some varnish properties, linseed, and other chemicals.  Not the most environmentally friendly concoction but it is a time-proven formula for protecting your paddles and other wooden surfaces.  For maintenance, we usually recommend a tung oil (e.g. Behr's Scandinavian Tung Oil or another "marine quality" product).  Again, not very environmentally friendly.  And for some, the fumes prove too harsh or they have concerns about the heath and environmental impacts of using harsh chemicals.  Well, not any more!

At Badger Paddles, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously.  We really "dig" the Earth!  That's why Badger is proud to announce that they will now be offering a choice of OIL FINISHES for your paddle(s).  While we still recommend Grampa Badger's Oil (our standard oil finish); we now offer a 100% ALL NATURAL Paddle & Gunnel Oil that is safe for the environment and your health!

Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil - NEW for 2011 - is 100% All Natural Hemp Oil that has no harsh fumes and is even food safe.  That means you can use the oil on your paddles, canoe gunnels, wooden thwarts, etc., without worry the of harming the environment or the health & safety of your family or the lakes you paddle in.

Our new Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil is not only food safe* but is easy clean up too - just use soap and water!  And, unlike our standard oil - our 100% All Natural Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil will be available for purchase!

Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil - 100% Natural (250 mL tin) is coming soon!  And if you choose the All Natural Oil Finish instead of Standard - it's still the same price!  Stay tuned to Badger for more information and launch dates.....

*You can even use it to maintain your wooden cutting & chopping boards/blocks.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Badger's Who's Who of Devoted Paddlers Contest

Badger’s High-Water Marks Honour Roll 
A Who’s Who of Devoted Paddlers Contest
Do you love to paddle?  Do you love to paddle so much that you love to talk and write about it?  Then this contest is for you!!!  Just take our exam (see questions below or on our website) - email your information to us at and that's it:  you are automatically entered!  And, don't worry - it's a take-home exam and all in good fun!
What could you win?  Our winner will receive one Badger Canoe Paddle of their choice (MSRP of $120.00* CAD or less) and one Badger Paddle Sock (MSRP $18.95* CAD) PLUS A $50.00 GIFT CARD from Algonquin Outfitters!!!  And, there are four (4) runner-up prizes available to be won of one (1) Badger Paddle Sock plus one (1) $10.00 GIFT CARD from Algonquin Outfitters for each selected runner-up winner.  Plus all winning Exams will be published online and given placement on Badger's High-Water Marks Honour Roll!  To visit Algonquin Outfitters on the web go to:

Badger's Who's Who
Take-home Exam Questions:
Real Name: First and Last (will not be published unless otherwise specified)
Entry Name: Name you wish to use if published (if same as real name - leave blank)
Approximate Age:         *
Country:    To be published                             
  1. # of Years Paddling:  (an approximation is acceptable)
  2. How many boats in your fleet? (If none - then what self-propelled craft do you dream of adding to your fleet)
  1. Oil verses Varnish?  Do you have a preference?  Why?
  1. Where do you paddle? (Name of Lake or River and/or Province/State/Territory and Country)
  1. Are you, or have you ever been, part of the paddle sports industry professionally?
  2. Do you have a blog, facebook or twitter account where you advocate for the power of self-propusion?  What is it? (link to your blog or website and it's title if public)
  3. Favourite wood and paddle shape?
  4. If you were a Badger WaterColours Paddle - what colour would you be?  Anything goes here!
  5. Have you ever tipped your canoe  & how did that happen? (On purpose doesn't count!)
  6. What is your favourite wilderness tripping meal/paddling snack?
  7. Do you solo?
  8. What’s the best advice you have to give to a beginner paddler?
  9. What 3 words best describes the way you feel about paddling or that inspire you the most to get out on the water, year after year??
  10. Where does your heart truly lie: Wooden/Canvas, Composite (i.e. Kevlar, Fibreglass etc.), Plastic or Aluminum?
  11. Who took you out for your first time paddling and what was your age when your took your first adventure in a canoe/kayak?
  12. Who was your best paddling partner or inspiration?
  13. Do you know of or can you describe a canoe/paddling game?
  14. How tall are you and what length of paddle do you prefer? 
  15. Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddling? (SUP)
  16. Do you have nicknames for your boat(s), paddle(s), and other gear?  If so - what are they?
  17. 17.Do you know of or can you describe a canoe/paddling game?
  18. 18.How tall are you and what length of paddle do you prefer? 
  19. 19.Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddling? (SUP)
  20. 20.Do you have nicknames for your boat(s), paddle(s), and other gear?  If so - what are they?
Note: Exams are due by NOVEMBER 30, 2010 (midnight EST).  Extra credit will be given to those who take the test publicly thru their blog or "Facebook Notes" or who include a picture with their entry.  Exams will be graded by 3 Badger Evaluators - Carmen B., of Swift Canoe & Kayak; Randy M., of Algonquin Outfitters; and Fiona, of Badger Paddles.

*Giving an exact number is fine, but you can also answer this in general terms such as "old enough to know better".


How to Enter:

This contest is for Bloggers and Facebookers alike.  To enter our contest to win a FREE Badger Paddle and/or Sock just answer the Badger's Who's Who Exam Questions (There are 20 in total) by blogging about it or, for Facebookers, write a note and tag Badger Paddles in it from your profile on Facebook.  Don't worry - if you don't have a facebook account or blog - just copy and paste the Badger's Who's Who Exam Questions into an email, add your own answers and mailing address, and send your entry in by November 30, 2010 to  Visit our website to see full contest details.

Entry Instructions for Bloggers:
Step 1) Copy and Paste our 20 Badger's Who's Who Exam Questions into a new "post".  Step 2) Add your and mailing address Step 3) Publish your blog to the web like usual.Step 4) Most importantly - send the link to your blog post directly to to be automatically entered in our contest for free Badger Paddle and/or Badger Paddle Sock. Note: Extra credit will be given for creativity, including pictures, humour, and other entertaining ideas.
Entry Instructions for Facebook:
Step 1) Copy and Paste our 20 Badger's Who's Who Exam Questions into a "Note" thru the Facebook website and add your answers.  You can find a link to the "Notes" section by visiting your profile on Facebook and clicking on the "Notes" tab near the top (beside other tabs like Wall, Info,etc.) or start here: .  Step 2) Publish your "Note" and "TAG" Badger Paddles... for those who dig the water.  Note: if you are unable to tag Badger Paddles for any reason just publish your note and proceed to the next step. STEP 3) Send the link to your note and mailing address to to be automatically entered in our contest. (Just copy the URL address from your browser's address bar and paste into an email or use Facebook's interface to share your Note's link with our fan page @ or Fiona's profile @  Please note that due to the irregularities of Facebook's service as of late, we would recommend you not rely on Facebook's tagging system to alert us of your entry in this contest - please email the link to your note directly to us to be sure.  Also note: Extra credit will be given for creativity, including pictures, humour, and other entertaining ideas.

Email Entry Instructions:
Step 1) Copy and Paste our 20 Badger's Who's Who Exam Questions into an email thru your email program or online email service like Google or Hotmail, etc. Step 2) Add your answers and mailing information.Step 3) Send your email with your answers and mailing address to to be automatically entered in our contest for free Badger Paddle. Note: Extra credit will be given for creativity, including pictures, humour, and other entertaining ideas so be sure to attach some photos (4 MB maximum size) but no videos please.

For COMPLETE CONTEST RULES & DESCRIPTION please visit our website

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Canoe Clearance Sale

Yes, it is that time of the year again, when fellow paddlers begin the transition to warmer paddling gear and gloves, and when Swift Canoe & Kayak puts on the best Fall Clearance Sale in Ontario!

This year they are having their usual fall sell out of Rentals, Demos, Trade-in's, Blems and other Clear-out items and promises to have some fantastic deals, not only on canoes, & kayaks, but on paddling gear too.  
Click on the image to enlarge.
Visit one of their many store locations or take the family to the famous Guelph Lake Sale at the Guelph Lake Conservation Area this September 24th to the 26th - always a fun event - with free paddle testing of all boats!

Lots of knowledgeable staff, like Mike from Badger Paddles, will be ready to assist you in finding the right boat for your needs and possibly the right Badger Paddle too.  A "Tie-down Crew" will also be available for assistance where needed.  Bring your family - see how you all fit in your canoe and make a day of it too.  Guess we'll see you there!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ontario's Premier Engages with Badger on Twitter

The Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, recently joined the twitterverse (i.e. Twitter).

Not really paddling news, right?  Well... being that Mr. McGuinty has dealt personally with Badger Paddles in the past, we took it upon ourselves to welcome him to Twitter.

And, not long after we tweeted to him, the Premier replied via the world of Twitter  tweeting "Nothing like paddling a canoe to restore the spirit and reconnect with this gorgeous planet that sustains us".  We couldn't agree more!!!
Snapshot of @Dalton_McGuinty's tweet to @BadgerPaddles

This isn't the first time that Badger Paddles has had correspondence with the Premier of Ontario but it sure is pretty exciting each time that we have! (Mr. McGuinty wrote a personal note to both Mikes in the past about his experience with Badger Paddles. See the image of a personal note from the desk of Ontario's Premier below/read the back story here.)

A copy of the personal note sent to young Mike from the desk of the Premier
Also, as a side note, we think we may know someone (who loves to share his Reflections on the Outdoors Naturally) that would like to add this paddling quote to his amazing collection of canoe & paddling quotes.... see the ever growing collection here:

UPDATE:  Not long after the first tweet from the Premier, he again tweeted about Badger Paddles, this time he declaring he is a "fan".  See the tweet below:
Second Tweet to Badger Paddles from Dalton McGuinty

A larger snapshot of Badger's Twitter Reply Page

Note: Badger Paddles has no affiliation with the Premier, Dalton McGuinty, his office or the Liberal Party of Ontario.  But we sure do love that the Premier "digs" our paddles!