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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dig This :: Authentic Canoe Paddle Necklaces

lil'Badger Paddle Key Chains
We've seen the paddle inspired jewelry out there - and we dig it! But what we dig even more is the inspiration paddle themed jewelry has on us when we are not able to get out on the water. Fiona feels that looking at her lil'paddle key chain during a trip to the big city helps to remind her of a way of life that we cherish. So now we have taken that inspiration to another level with our authentic canoe paddle necklaces (and key chains).

Made from an actual slice from a real wood canoe paddle, our necklaces and keychains are all crafted by hand in the heart of cottage country (Muskoka, Canada). Most are sliced from the shaft area (and into the neck and/or grip of the paddle as well). And... just like a real Badger Paddle, these paddle slices/pendants come as oiled, varnished, or even as our trademark WaterColours finish!

Paddle slices in progress of becoming pendants.

We sand each little slice by hand (or paw).

Crafted by hand, each paddle slice pendant is unique.

Authentic Canoe Paddle Necklaces can be found at AO.

Each necklace cord is tied with a double fisherman's knot (to allow for various sizing) and some also include an extra wood finished bead (we will have glass beads accents by AdR Beads coming soon too!).

COMING SOON: AdR Glass Bead Accents
AdR Glass Beads are hand made in Perth by Amy deRidder
(She is an autism mom too - like Fiona!) and Nancy dig their paddle slice keychain!

Visit or contact Algonquin Outfitters to purchase your very own one-of-a-kind (real) paddle necklaces - just delivered yesterday!!! (If you can dig it!) Price: $19.98 CAD (taxes/shipping extra where applicable). Or you can contact us too - we don't mind being badgered...

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Celebration of Kirk's life through his Collection - Auction

"A Celebration of Kirk's life through his Collection" 
Of art, artifacts, canoes, paddles, furniture, books, baskets, collectables and much, much more.

See the items here:
Direct link to gallery of items.

Auction Date:
 Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 10am

2691 County Rd 2, RR8 Peterborough, Ontario K9J6X9

Saturday (July 28) from 2:00-4:00pm and on Sunday from 8:00am

Go to to view some of the articles.

Personal note:
Please be sure to share this auction information as far and wide as is possible. Kirk Wipper, recipient of the Order of Canada and a founder of the Canadian Canoe Museum, had an extensive collection of the most interesting of objects. Many of them museum quality. This auction should definitely prove to be beyond interesting. Hopefully we will see you at the farm on Sunday July 29th!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roses Are Red - Portages Are Pink!

The Pink Canoe in Huntsville, ON.
Not many of us look forward to a portage (unlike our friends Preston and Nancy over at Some of those off-water routes are pretty gruelling, after all. But none so gruelling as The Pink Portage. This 1200 km portage, with a pink canoe, through southern Ontario (From Kingston to Windsor!) is bringing awareness to cancer research and raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Andrew Metcalfe, the man under the pink canoe, was moved by the experience of three close family members, his mom, his grandmother and his aunt, who were all diagnosed with breast cancer. He decided to take action, with the unlikely idea to carry a canoe for cancer. For those of us who have experienced portaging, we know this will be no easy task.

As Andrew puts it, "I will encounter constantly changing inclines, slippery gravel walkways, gusty headwinds, seemingly increasing canoe and pack weight and obvious fatigue and soreness. All this may seem like a lot, but it pales in comparison to what a person with cancer goes through on a daily basis."

We couldn't help but be moved by Andrew's passion and spirit. But after reading his story in various news papers and websites, we were even more personally motivated to support Andrew's Pink Portage. As it turns out, both Andrew and Fiona graduated from the same highschool - Lakeshore Collegiate Institute - a huge surprise to Fiona***.

We think Andrew was digging the LCI connection too.***
Here he is pictured with Mike [right] in front of the Algonquin Outfitters
store in Huntsville, ON (Andrew [left] asked to bring out some Badger paddles
for the photo op - after all they were made by one of his fellow alumni).

So when Andrew portaged thru Huntsville, ON (the hometown of Badger® Paddles) just a short while ago, we made sure to show our support for his fight against cancer and tried to provide some encouragement as well. After spending a rest night in the area, having spent the evening meeting well-wishers and supporters at the Algonquin Outfitters Huntsville location, Andrew woke the next day to find a pink Badger® WaterColours™ Paddle donation under his pink canoe - put there by the little paddle elves while he slept away some of his physical exhaustion from the many miles already portaged.

"Thank you for making the canoe feel lighter this morning." Andrew's email said after finding the pink paddle. If only Andrew knew how much we are thanking him - for having the determination to make a difference and the fortitude to follow thru with his charitable intentions. He has inspired us all on so many levels. He has also proven to the world that "true men portage pink"!

Read the story behind The Pink Portage, or track, and follow Andrew during his pink portaging adventure for cancer:

Donate via the website and track his progress:

Follow Andrew's travels on his blog:

Email to offer your support:

Connect with the Pink Portage on Facebook:

Tweet your support onTwitter:

Be sure to watch for Andrew on your travels for the next while (we hear he likes cold water or Gatorade™) and show him your support along the way, either in person or by way of the links above. After all, we are all in the fight against cancer together!

"[sic]... your support will be the difference from just a guy carrying a pink canoe to something where we all take a step together in the fight against cancer." ~ Andrew of The Pink Portage

"Together, we portage; Together, We Can!"

***Although Lakeshore Collegiate Institute (LCI) may sound like an appropriately named highschool for a pink portaging humanitarian and a canoe paddle business owner to have both graduated from, LCI is not a place where canoeing or kayaking is/was a popular past time. At least it wasn't during Fiona's time there. In fact, none of Fiona's friends or peers really canoed or portaged - at least not on wilderness trips  - when she was in highschool. Except for Fiona (plus a very select few who she would  later convince to accompany her to Algonquin Park) and her family, most didn't share the interest of travelling canoe routes north of the city. "There was no one for me to really talk to about canoeing or paddling back then. It wasn't something I could share with most of my friends. I am not sure what Andrew's (The Pink Portage) personal experience was, graduating from Lakeshore Collegiate in 2010, and whether or not he had paddling friends at LCI (or if his family was his influence as mine was with me), but I definitely blushed pink with excitement when I saw that he was a fellow Lakeshore grad. Finally a LCI paddler like me - complete with portages too! Plus it is a really great cause to support." Fiona said.

While it may have taken almost 2 decades for Fiona to find a fellow paddler from her highschool - the wait was well worth it. For Andrew is not only part paddler and part portager,  he is also part philanthropist too. Fiona and Mike are proud to support Andrew and The Pink Portage - no Badger® buts about it! Good luck to Andrew in his final steps towards Windsor - the end of his epic fundraising journey of cancer awareness. ‎In the words of Carol Pearson, “Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.”. We all know that heroes come in many forms... but apparently they are now even known to carry a pink canoe.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Muskoka Magazine - "It's A Family Affair For Paddle Makers"

This past February we were contacted by the editor of Muskoka Magazine wanting to do a feature about our family business in Muskoka. As you can imagine, they did not have to badger us to say yes to the article. While, at first, it may look like a piece about a business, if you read it, you will see it is actually a bit of a love story! You can read it online with a trial subscription at (follow the links on their website) - or buy it locally at a Muskoka area shop near you - if you can dig it!

Read Muskoka Magazine online with a trial subscription.
Kelly from The Shutterbug Gallery taking photos for the
Muskoka Magazine Feature on Badger Paddles for their July issue.

Thanks to Claudia Laroche (the author, Sandy (the editor) and Kelly (the photographer) and Graeme (the national athlete) for such an amazing day - and for the wonderful memories that will be sure to last our life time!