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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween from Badger Paddles!

Here at Badger Canoe Paddles, we really dig Halloween and the traditions around this very old celebration - like carving Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins!
Find out about the history of the Jack-o-lantern here or click here for some great pumpkin stencils for you to use when carving your own pumpkin.

And when you are done carving those Jack-o-lanterns be sure to stop by Swift Canoe & Kayak this Halloween weekend to check out their great End of Season Clearance Sale and take advantage of the Badger Paddles' Free Gift with Purchase offer:   Buy a Badger Paddle and get a free Badger Paw necklace carved from real deer or moose antler (suggested retail value $20.00).  Don't forget this offer is only good while supplies last!

Click here for more information about this limited time special offer or see in store for details - Swift Canoe - Gravenhurst Location.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Badger Paddles at the 2010 TORONTO BOAT SHOW

January 9–17, 2010

Swift Canoe & Kayak Booth(s): E401B, E117, E401A, E401C, E401D
Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place
100 Princes' Blvd.
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

Show Hours:
Saturdays 10am –7pm
Sundays 10am–6pm
Weekdays 11:00am - 8:00pm

Kids 16 & Under: FREE (When accompanied by an adult)
Adult $15.00
Seniors (65 ) $12
Adult 2-Day Pass $25.00
Unlimited Weekday Evening Pass (4pm–9pm) $25.00

General Admission Tickets - Save $5 by ordering online (until January 8 midnight) and Save $2 (during show January 9 - 17)  Click here to order tickets online through the official TBS website.
Tickets are  available on site or online

Visit the Toronto International Boat Show Website!!

Don't forget to stop by our host's (Swift Canoe & Kayak's) booth space(s) for some great deals on canoes, kayaks, and paddles or just to say hi!

Canoe Paddle Maintenance Tips - Oil or Varnish

Every day brings us closer to snow and frozen waterways which also brings our paddling season to an official close. Although there is still open water at the moment, the days have become too cold, for most of us, to get out on the water. Putting our gear away for the season and our end-of-season equipment maintenance is usually done around this time of year for all, except the hard-core paddler. So when packing away your tents and canoes for the season - don’t overlook your paddles! Keeping that in mind, we are offering the following End-of-season and other Badger Canoe Paddle Care Tips for our customers.

Care of your Badger Canoe Paddle(s)

Hand-Rubbed Oiled Paddles**
The amount of maintenance that an oiled paddle needs depends on the amount of use it gets in a season. For instance, a paddle that is to be used daily or up to 4 days/week, we recommend oiling your paddle every few weeks or as needed. For paddles used only on the weekends or less, Badger Paddles recommends you re-oil your paddle every one to 2 months or as needed. Even if your oiled paddle is only used once in a year, we recommend you oil your paddle at the begining and end of every season at minimum, or as needed. You may use a fine marine tung oil product like Behr or boiled linseed oil. For more tips on oiling your Badger Paddle, please visit our maintenance page.

Hand-Rubbed Varnished Blades & Varnished Blades**
To truly keep your paddle in it’s best condition, a varnished paddle should be checked for any “scars” from use at the end of every season. “Scars” include nicks or heavy scratches or other abrasions in the varnish finish. “Scars” can be caused by coming into contact with rocks or other hard surfaces while in use or at play. These “scars” should be sanded out first (if possible) and the entire varnished surface be given a light sanding with a fine sand paper. This helps the new coat of marine-grade varnish that now must be applied to have better surface adhesion.

You may only want to "feather-out" the scar by sanding lightly.  Not only will this be easier but it will allow a natural patina to acquire on your paddle.  These scars may even hold memories for you.  In the case of really deep scars, you may need to fill with a coloured wood filler, sanding level before finishing with a good quality marine grade varnish.  
Before varnishing, wipe clean with a soft cloth or a tack rag to remove any surface dust. If you are only varnishing the blade of your paddle - use painters tape to give a clean edge-line to your finish. Using a brush made of natural fibre or sponge, brush on the varnish according to the manufacturers directions. Hang to dry in a dust free environment.

For a full look at varnishing a paddle, watch our video "How To Varnish A Wood Canoe Paddle (At Home)".

Please note all our varnished blades come with an oiled shaft and grip, except for WaterColours. We do offer a fully varnished paddle as a special order. For tips on how to maintain your oiled shafts and grip, please refer to the Oiled Paddles section above.

Storage of your Badger Paddle(s)
Because Badger Paddles are solid wood canoe paddles, it is best to hang them from their grip(s) or lay them down. This is especially true for long term storage, for if a solid wood paddle is left leaning for too long a period - it may warp.

Don’t want to do the maintenance? We can do it for you as we also offer paddle refinishing. Contact us at for more details.

**Caution: Always work in a well ventilated area when using any of the products needed to maintain your Badger Paddles. Also note the products used to maintain your paddles are flammable and subject to spontaneous combustion. All rags, especially those used to oil paddles, must be spread out to dry completely before disposing of for safety purposes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hand-rubbed Varnish Finishes - Our Unique Specialty

Have you ever heard of a hand-rubbed varnish finish before?

What is it?

A hand-rubbed varnish finish is another term used to describe a fine polishing by hand.

This technique (hand-rubbed varnish finishes) has been taught over four generations at Badger & Son's and was passed down from Great Grampa Sidney Badger. For a full history of Badger & Son and our family please visit the Badger & Son Website.

Badger Paddles - Hand-Rubbed Varnished Blades
Our paddles are treated to a high quality finish - like that used on furniture. Our hand-rubbed varnished paddles are strong and smooth to the touch yet our finishing process helps to eliminate some of that "slippery" feeling when wet (like a regular varnish finish). You can see where the varnish ends the the hand-rubbed oiled shaft and grip begins.

After being given 3 coats of a high quality marine varnish - our paddles are left to dry. Once the proper amount of time has been given for the finish to cure, we begin our hand-rubbed treatment.

Polished smooth to the touch, this hand-rubbed technique gives the strong varnish, a silky smooth texture and high-quality finish. Many people may have noticed the finishes on their
varnished paddles from other paddle-crafters may have
defects like bubbles or maybe a hair from the brush or drip marks. Our hand-rubbed varnish finish is without these issues.

When you feel the hand-rubbed varnished blade of a Badger Canoe Paddle is becomes a pleasurable tactile experience. We fall in love with nearly every paddle we rub down... it is hard to see them go out the door sometimes. But we love to hear from our customers how delighted they are with their purchase and how much they love the hand touch we bring to all our paddles.

For more information about our varnish finishes please contact us. If you would like the paddle you already own to be given a similar treatment - please know we also do PADDLE REFINISHING. Contact us for more detail.

We offer hand-rubbed varnished blades with oiled grips and shafts, however, we will do a hand-rubbed varnish finish on the entire paddle as a custom order if desired.


Well our free sticker give-away for Fans of Badger Paddles... for those who dig the water has come to a close. We had 5 lucky winners who will be receiving their Badger Paddle stickers in the mail shortly. Thanks to all who tried to find the Free Sticker for Fans advert on Facebook.

We really had fun with this small contest for our Fans and look forward to offering more special promotions over the winter season. After all... just because the lakes are frozen doesn't mean we still can't dream of open water and the wind on our backs as we paddle our canoes into peace and solitude.

Thanks to all our Fans and customers for a great season and congratulations to our 5 lucky fans for winning their Badger Paddles Sticker. And don't forget to follow this blog for more special offers in the coming months.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Notice and Reminder for Fans of Badger Paddles

We, here at Badger Paddles, want to celebrate a really great season with our fans on Facebook! That is why we are giving away Badger Paddle stickers for FREE to any Fan that finds our Facebook Advertisement and clicks on it!

That's right - starting October 16, 2009 at 7 a.m. EST you can start watching for our free sticker promo by looking for the image posted here. When you find our ad on Facebook - click on it and follow the directions from there. You have until October 18th at midnight to participate.

Remember - you are only one click away from your FREE merchandise offer and you must be a Fan of "Badger Paddles... for those who dig the water" on Facebook to be able to view and participate in this promotion. No purchase necessary.

Please note: Our vinyl stickers can also be purchased thru
Algonquin Outfitters in Huntsville, Ontario.

Thanks for your support this season - have fun and good luck!

From Fiona, Mike and Mike Sr.

  1. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Badger Paddles and Algonquin Outfitters and not to Facebook. BADGER PADDLES will not sell or use your mailing address or other personal information in any way other then specified for this promotion. Upon entering this contest you agree to release Facebook of any liability and acknowledge that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Algonquin Outfitters My Ultimate Canoe Trip Contest has a winner!

Congratulations from Badger Paddles to the winner of AO's My Ultimate Canoe Trip Contest!!!

Pauline from Huntsville, ON was the lucky recipient of a Swift Canoe, 2 Badger Canoe Paddles plus more great gear. A prize package valued at over $4500.00!

You can view more details about this great contest and the awesome prizes Pauline won on the Algonquin Outfitter's Blog. But even though this contest is over... do not fret!

AO always has great contests to enter like their Summer Photo Contest which runs for another month. Visit the AO website for other details and great outdoor products. They have a social network and their stores are the best place for outfitting for any season. There are always great specials like when AO visits the Toronto Ski Show this year - up to 70% off as well as great prizes to be won on their website. Click here for more details.

And good luck to all who enter the AO Photo Contest...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Gift with Badger Paddle Purchase!


Badger Paddles is really excited to share this great news!


When you buy a Badger Canoe Paddle - you will receive a hand crafted badger paw necklace for FREE! (approximate retail value: $20.00)*

About the necklace: Each pendant is made from actual antler and comes with an adjustable black cord for hanging around the neck. The badger paw pendants have been carved from either moose or deer antler and are hand crafted by an artist from Owensound, Ontario. Each necklace has two colourful beads attached (glass beads for the Adult version and plastic for the Kids 'N Cubs)

For those who wish to purchase a badger paw necklace at the MSRP of $20.00 ea., please contact Badger Paddles for shipping costs to your location.

Happy Paddling and Holiday Shopping All!

*Supplies are limited, therefore please note this offer will not last for long!