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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paddle Socks - the new way to protect your paddles!

Badger Paddle Socks... for those who dig their gear!
Just new on the market this season, Badger Paddle Socks are causing a buzz this spring.  One of the most interesting thing about this product is it's versatile fit for paddles (up to 65" in length).  Not only will the sock stretch to fit every Badger Canoe Paddle style available - but it also fits many of the blade styles and widths available from other paddle makers and manufacturers as well! (See how nicely it fits on a Werner Compulsion Bent Shaft in the image below - thats a wide blade!).

The socks slip on fast and easy providing your paddle the protection it needs in transport or storage.  They are also compact and lightweight.

How does it work? We recommend sliding the paddle in handle first.  Then folding over the excess sock (if any) and cinching around the paddle blade using the elastic cord and barrel closure.  Or you can cinch it up like a sack as well - what ever your preference. (See image on right)

Save your paddle the scratches and scars that are caused when you throw them in the back of your truck, trailer or car.   And seeing the cost of some of those paddles we are buying are $100 to $450, it is worth investing a mere $18.95 (MSRP*) to add some protection for your valuable asset.  Looking to protect your high-end 2 piece kayak paddle?  Just buy two socks (one bag for each piece) and use the elastic cord to cinch the 2 parts together in their individual socks.

Are you part of a Canoe, Kayak or Paddling Club?  Are you part of the paddle sports industry?  Screen your logo on the sock to resell or promote your club or business!  Our socks are available to dealers and clubs with or without our logo screened onto each paddle sock.  See an example of our logo as it appears on the socks in the image on left.  Add your own logo with ours or just have your own!  Contact us for details and a quote.

 Gotta get yourself a Badger Paddle Sock... 'cause you know you dig your gear!
*Price in Canadian Funds.  Not including the cost of shipping or taxes where applicable. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Badger Canoe Paddles now available in Europe!

Guten Tag! Badger Paddles are now overseas!  Newly available in Europe thru the fine paddlesports shop in Austria, the Carinthian Canoe Base, CCB now has a selection of Slivers, Trippers and Cubs as well as other high quality boats and gear like from Swift Canoe.  Visit their website for details and available services or contact Wolfgang Hölbling @
Carinthian Canoe Base
Johann-Offner-Straße 16
A-9400 Wolfsberg
+43 664 253 8044

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kids love Cub WaterColours - Badger Canoe Paddles for kids!

Aloha from Hawaii!
Pictured above are twin boys Keola and Kanoa (3 1/2 years old)
and their dad, Kirk, enjoying some stand up paddle time with their new Badger Cub WaterColours paddles!

We think the above picture speaks for it's self.... Cub WaterColours, our colourfully tinted Badger Canoe Paddles for kids, gets kids 'n cubs EXCITED about paddling!!!  Children of all ages naturally gravitate to our colourful paddles, keen to own one in their favourite colour.... and with a choice between blue, turquoise, pink, green, yellow, purple and orange and more.... they are sure to find the perfect hue.

At only $40.00 (MSRP in Canadian funds*), your kids 'n cubs will be delighted with their Cub WaterColours and you can be satisfied to know that once they have outgrown their paddle, their fondness for their colourful paddle (and the memories that went with it) will be sure to be a souvenir from their youth and hang on a wall... until one day they have a little "cub" of their own!  Plus, the novelty of a colourfully tinted paddle will be sure to fit any kid paddler's decor!

And, don't worry - our WaterColours come in adult sizes too!  See our website for details and pricing.

Our Cub WaterColours can be found at Swift Canoe & Kayak and Algonquin Outfitters this coming season (note:  Swift has some in stock now!).  Be sure to stop in and watch your kids 'n cubs get excited about owning a paddle... and getting out on the water... with you... this summer!  For more information about our Cub WaterColouror our natural cub paddles visit our Kids 'N Cubs page now.  Adding your child's name and personalization is available!  Visit our website for more details.

Just for kids 'n cubs:  download our free colouring page featuring a paddling Badger named "Digger"!  Click here to check it out...

Thanks to Kirk for the wonderful picture he sent us of him and his boys all the way from sunny Hawaii!  Send your photos and Badger Paddle action shots to Badger and you may see them here, on our website or one of the social networks like Badger on Facebook or Twitter.

*not including taxes or shipping where applicable.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Badger now tweets on Twitter too!

Whew!  Say that title 10 times fast!!!  "Badger now tweets on Twitter too!"

Yep, it's true... Badger Paddles has joined Twitter and our social networking trisector is now complete!  We are still only a few days old on Twitter so be sure to start following Badger's tweets and growls for special offers and exclusive news.

We just hope that cute little blue Twitter bird doesn't mind sharing it's virtual nest with a "badger"!

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