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Sunday, December 13, 2009

For those who dig CREATIVITY!!!

For those who dig the unique.....

Badger Paddles is excited to help introduce The Faces Of Dunsany from the concrete to the abstract.....  whimsical hand-made art for the garden or the indoors.  These pieces are made by Steve Plunkett, a relative - and interesting character - in the lives of us Badgers.... he's part of the "clan".  The godfather of Fiona - Steve, a retired school teacher and accomplished musician - creates these fantastical original pieces and more.  His wife, also an amazing stained glass artist and painter, encourages Steve's artistic pursuits as long as they keep him out of the house. (tee hee hee)  Be sure to check out The Faces of Dunsany.... from the concrete to the abstract.... you will be sure to find something you like!

For those who dig Algonquin..... 
Algonquin Outfitters Photo Contest is back!!!  This time the theme is "Seasons of Algonquin" and the prizes are better then ever with first prize being a Canon Powershot SD780 IS 12.1 mega picel digital camera with accessories and more from Cavalcade Photo Lab, in Huntsville, ON plus a gift card to A.O. and even a 24"x32" poster printed of your winning photo from PosterJack.caAnd that's just first prize!  Other prizes include a Badger Water Colours Gift Set (Badger "paw" pendant necklace and a Water Colours souvenir paddle - see photo on left) and even more...  Check it out and be sure to enter your photo of Algonquin soon!

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  1. Everyone here on the Badger Community should look to see if they have some great photos showing the Seasons of Algonquin Park. There's some great prizes up for grabs this time around. Contest is scheduled to end Feb 1st 2010.


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