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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Toronto Boat Show Booth Pictures

We have been posting these photos on our Facebook Fan Page but we thought it would be nice to share them with those who aren't on the popular social network.  The following pictures were taken with Mike's Blackberry (cell phone camera) and aren't the best of quality but we just think it's awesome to get some action shots while the 2010 Toronto Boat Show (TBS) is actually going on!

Setting up the booth space.

The booth looks amazing!

The Swift Crew - the evening before the TBS opening.

Dan explains the quality features of a Badger Canoe Paddle to some TBS show-goers.

People just can't stop feeling our  canoe paddles.  It's a tactile experience!

Two happy TBS show-goers pose for Mike's cell phone camera.  Thanks for the really great picture ladies!

This little "cub" puts a Cub WaterColour to the test.  Kids really gravitate towards our colourful paddles!

After careful consideration, the decision is made.  Green is definitely out and Pink is in - for this little lady!

While this little guy decides the green Cub WaterColour is his perfect choice!

These photos were all shot within proximity of or in the Swift Canoe & Kayak Booth.  Sure looks like fun doesn't it?!!
Visit the Toronto International Boat Show Website!!
Go check it out...
The show doesn't end until January 17th!

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