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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot News from Badger

We have a couple of new & exciting items to tell you about.

To start - we now offer Badger WaterColours in 2 and 3 colour combinations!  See the example of the blue and purple "Splash" in the image below (and sorry for the glare and extra reflections!).  Truly these paddles are one-of-a-kind as each one is carefully blended and tinted by hand.  Get your paddle personalized with your name for that added touch, just like Cali (see the orange paddle below).  Order one or check out whats in stock at Swift Outdoor Centres today.

The best thing about our Badger WaterColours is that they are still fun to have around even when not in use.  So be sure to pick up a paddle hanger so that you can hang your one-of-a-kind Badger Paddle as an added feature to a favourite room at the cottage or at home too.  It'll be sure to get compliments and will continue to inspire you to get out on the water more often.  Kid's just love to add them to their bedroom decor!

Don't take the Badger WaterColours too seriously?
They aren't just for fun!  We recommend our vibrantly tinted paddles to Paddling Instructors as they help to improve visibility for students when trying to view how an underwater recovery or other strokes look in the water.  Choose from bright orange (so bright one of our favourite paddling bloggers suggests the possibility of it improving visibility during hunting season!), there is also hot pink, yellow or just about any other colour you feel would work for you and your students.  Contact Badger for Pro-Deal details today and save.

Traditional Fire Branding
Also new is the addition of our brand.  The brand is heated with fire and then the image of our "Badger Paw" is burned into the wood.  While we do still hand paint our paddles - you now have the choice of a branded logo too.  In the near future we will be offering our vibrant WaterColours paddles with the brand unless otherwise specified.  The brand is approximately the same size of the hand painted image that Fiona usually adds to the paddles - but a wee bit smaller.  And it looks really sharp too!!!

And lastly - a quick update for Grady's Paddle.... we are sitting at about $400 in pledges to date and have heard from the organizers that they have over 80 participators registered for the event.  Wow!  Thanks to all those who pledged and to Poppa Badger for helping to bring in so many donations!  Learn more about Grady's Paddle for Sick Kid's Hospital on the official Grady's Gift website

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