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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Canoe is a Canoe is a Canoe - Part Two

Not long ago we asked the question whether a Canoe was a Canoe (by any other name?), and posted about some various odd canoes and kayaks that have been designed, built and/or paddled. We soon found there are many examples of "canoes" and "kayaks" that weren't made for paddling... but are referred to as a canoe or kayak, all the same. In fact, when you come to think about it... canoes, kayaks, and canoe inspired items - can be found in many every day places.

Canoe Furniture
First, there are quite a few examples of canoe shaped furniture. From stacking your household treasures to putting your feet up - canoes have proven themselves to have many purposes. Even moving into quite a number of homes and cottages.
Canoe Book Shelf
photo source:

Canoe Coffee Table
photo source:

Canoe Couch
photo source: Nova Craft Canoe
Canoe Bed
photo source:

Canoe Food
From Chocolate to cakes to sandwiches.... our taste buds seem to delight over the thought of an edible canoe.

Chocolate Canoes
photo source:
Big Dog in Canoe Cake
photo source:
Tofo Wrap and Squash Canoe
photo source:

Canoe Games
Food and entertainment go together... so it only stands to reason that the canoe theme would eventually find it's way into our cottage games and past times.

Canoe Cribbage Game
photo source:

Canoe Domino Game Set
photo source:

Repurposed Canoes
So what happens to that old canoe that no one ever paddles anymore or the old beater that is so unseaworthy it couldn't make it across a puddle of water? Some become flower beds, bookshelves, or in some cases - sidecars!

Canoe Garden Container
photo source:
Canoe Cooler
photo source:
Canoe Side Car
photo source:

Canoe Accessories
From women's accessories to those for your home or christmas tree, the canoe shape has made it's way into the hearts and minds of the masses. From the purely fashion inspired....
Canoe eau de toilette
photo source:
Canoe Inspired Hat
photo source:
Canoe Inspired Shoes
photo source:

.... To the more obvious designs. From door knockers, signs and cabinet pulls; to fabrics, light fixtures and t-shirts; canoes can definitely be deemed a part of our (just about) everyday culture.

Canoe Fleece Fabric
photo source:
Canoe Jewelry
photo source:
Christmas Canoe Ornament
photo source:
Canoe Lamp
photo source:

Ride in Canoes - No Water Needed
Because we love canoes so much, we bring them onto land for fun and entertainment. After all, who doesn't love a canoe ride where your mom doesn't make you put on your life jacket?!!

Canoe and Train at Mundo Divertido
photo source:
Canoe Car at a Burning Man Festival
photo source:
Canoe Bike
photo source:

Canoe Stuffies & Toys
Be it toy or dog bed, the canoe shape is one that is obviously in demand beyond it's normal use on water.

Dog Canoe Bed
photo source:
Stuffed Canoe Toy
photo source:
Buddy L Canoe & Jeep Combination - Toy
photo source:
Canoe As Art, Canoe As Life
And finally... and most popular.... is the canoe as a form of art. Now, we know our friend Mike Ormsby would argue that a canoe, especially a wooden canvas canoe, is an art form all on it's own. And normally, we would completely agree with him. But clearly, when you think about it, the canoe really has taken on a life in itself. It can be seen in our sculpture, our paintings, our every day items, and is still paddled around the world in it's various forms. It inspires us, it transforms us, it is an ancient gift, and still... it is always there with us... thru the ages. Can there really be any doubt that the canoe is a gift we celebrate?

Tom Thomson Statue
photo source:
Canoe Sculpture
The Canoe by Tom Thompson - Painting.
So in answer to our question as to whether a canoe is a canoe is a canoe ... or not ... we would have to come to the conclusion that, in the end, it doesn't really matter. Because, quite frankly, most of us know a canoe when we see one!

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  1. This is replacing a 5 year old LLBean dog beds that just got wore slam out. My dogs love them! The denim does wear better than the fleece and the extra large is very big.


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