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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Profits of Paddling: An Info Graphic

Many of us already realize the personal profits of paddling, but for those who are not aware, we have provided this handy illustration of the "facts". Please feel free to share this image with anyone you feel would dig it!

Update: Since posting this image, we have received lots and lots of positive feedback (not to mention almost 3000 shares just on Facebook alone!), however there is one question that seems to pop up, over and over again, that we would like to address here.

For those of you who are NOT in the know.... the centre thwart/yoke removal is based on a couple of - somewhat famous - quotes:

"A true Canadian is one who can make love in a canoe without tipping."
Pierre Berton

"Anyone can make love in a canoe,
it’s a Canadian who knows enough to take out the centre thwart!"
Philip Chester

And so now, you are all in the know!!! For those of you who might be interested, based on the popularity of this fun info graphic, we will be ordering up some t-shirts promptly!!!


Note: a big thanks to the artist or team who created the Benefits of Bicycles infographic. When Fiona's friend shared this infograhic photo on his Facebook profile at the end of January this year, Fiona was immediately inspired to create one for paddlers. After all, any form of the power of self propulsion is to be celebrated!


  1. awesomeness! J.R.

  2. Nice. Expect more positive feedback as the summer season approaches. That figure is so simple and very easy to understand, and that's why the fans loved it. Did you draw that?

    1. Thanks, David! And to answer your question, it was made in Photoshop. So glad you like it!! And thanks for letting us know too!


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