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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dig This :: Authentic Canoe Paddle Necklaces

lil'Badger Paddle Key Chains
We've seen the paddle inspired jewelry out there - and we dig it! But what we dig even more is the inspiration paddle themed jewelry has on us when we are not able to get out on the water. Fiona feels that looking at her lil'paddle key chain during a trip to the big city helps to remind her of a way of life that we cherish. So now we have taken that inspiration to another level with our authentic canoe paddle necklaces (and key chains).

Made from an actual slice from a real wood canoe paddle, our necklaces and keychains are all crafted by hand in the heart of cottage country (Muskoka, Canada). Most are sliced from the shaft area (and into the neck and/or grip of the paddle as well). And... just like a real Badger Paddle, these paddle slices/pendants come as oiled, varnished, or even as our trademark WaterColours finish!

Paddle slices in progress of becoming pendants.

We sand each little slice by hand (or paw).

Crafted by hand, each paddle slice pendant is unique.

Authentic Canoe Paddle Necklaces can be found at AO.

Each necklace cord is tied with a double fisherman's knot (to allow for various sizing) and some also include an extra wood finished bead (we will have glass beads accents by AdR Beads coming soon too!).

COMING SOON: AdR Glass Bead Accents
AdR Glass Beads are hand made in Perth by Amy deRidder
(She is an autism mom too - like Fiona!) and Nancy dig their paddle slice keychain!

Visit or contact Algonquin Outfitters to purchase your very own one-of-a-kind (real) paddle necklaces - just delivered yesterday!!! (If you can dig it!) Price: $19.98 CAD (taxes/shipping extra where applicable). Or you can contact us too - we don't mind being badgered...

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  1. This is an ingenious idea and as a stylish outdoorsy gal, I'm all for Badger Paddle Bling!


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