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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Twelve Days of Muskoka - Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 12

We really dig living in Muskoka. The area is home to many beautiful iconic features and creatures that have come to help symbolize Ontario and Canada as we know it. But one of features that we like the most is how inspiring it is to live amongst the many artisans and crafters - that have made this land of rock and water their home - as well the smaller businesses that have come to be part of the personality and character of the Muskoka we have come to know and love. Thus Twelve Days of Muskoka, inspired by Suburban Tourist's Twelve Days of Holiday Gift Giving, is meant to celebrate these people and their businesses as well as introduce you to some new gift giving ideas and remind you of some old favourites.

The Twelfth Day of Muskoka Christmas & Holiday Gift Giving Guide

If you thought the most expensive gift idea on the list of The Twelve Days of Muskoka was going to be a canoe, you were mistaken. We just happened to have saved the best (and most luxurious gift idea) for last with the thought being the ultimate Yuletide gift is a custom environmentally responsible home built for you and your family by Sprout Studios - right here in Muskoka!

Screen shot of the start of the Sprout Studios Gallery page.
Seriously..... How beautiful is that!?!

Sprout Studios, a team of four talented and eco-conscious individuals (especially Hailey!), does not follow a corporate business model but instead deliver a more personal approach with their clients. They are passionate about what they do as well as where they live. The harmony their designs bring to the area are inspirational. Their dedication to environmentally sound archetechture and alternative construction includes knowledge on strawbale construction, rammed earth, and/or green or living roof systems. As well, they offer knowledge on solar, geothermal, wind, micro hydro generation and the classic wood burning systems. And no, this is not a big hint from Fiona to Mike but a Sprout Studios designed home is definitely on her dare-to-dream-wish-list!

Badger Summary:
Thanks for following The Twelve Days of Muskoka - Badger's Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide 2012. We have definitely highlighted some truly amazing individuals, families, and businesses. Each an artisan in their own right, whether it be for the photographs they take, the leather they engrave, the words they write, the maps they make, the food they make, or the wonderful service they provide. Please be sure to take the time to visit or explore each featured artisan or business if you visit Muskoka. We truly recommend each one personally. And to think... Muskoka is full of even more inspirational artisans, crafters, and wonderful family businesses, then mentioned in this 12 day guide. Truly, is it any wonder why we dig living here so much?!

Happy Holidays to everyone in Muskoka and beyond!!!

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